Distribution Agreement Representations And Warranties

Note: This is an example of a general agreement form. It must be tailored to your particular business situation. You must consult your lawyer before entering into a contract or signing a contract. Do not use this form as it is. This agreement constitutes the whole and only agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor with respect to its property, and there is no agreement or assurance of any kind, explicit, implicit, oral, written or not, that are not expressly specified. Any amendment or amendment to this agreement is not binding unless the contracting party is signed in writing and signed by the related party. D. In the event of the agent`s failure to comply with any of its assurances, guarantees or alliances contained in this article, the contracting authority may, at its sole discretion, terminate the agreement without notice or compensation, at its sole discretion, in addition to any other remedy provided for or provided by law, and, in this case, the agent shall forever expire all rights over all rights and commissions incurred and/or not paid at the time of termination. The distributor, whether as a distributor, representative, representative or otherwise, cannot and does not have the right to link the manufacturer or the awarding entity to an agreement with third parties. Die Parteien sind sich hierzu einig: I. ASSOCIATION Distributor fungiert als exklusiver Distributor of the Herstellers „I`m going to be a no-go-all” „It`s not going to be the last time. „I`m not going to be a second”.

DUTIES 1. The distributor is committed to actively and carefully promoting the sale of products in the territory over the lifetime. The manufacturer refers to requests from distributors of products in the territory. 2. The distributor undertakes to promote the manufacturer`s name and products on the territory during the duration of this contract. The distributor undertakes to inform the manufacturer of all leads of interest granted to the products. The manufacturer is committed to providing distributors with reasonable quantities of catalogues, manuals, advertising books and other sales aids that may be available from the manufacturer. Sales aids must be made in English. The manufacturer is also committed to providing the distributor with technical support and assistance that is appropriate to the conditions to be agreed from time to time. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Distributor shall not use the manufacturer`s trade names and/or trademarks without the manufacturer`s express written consent. Under no circumstances can the distributor, at any time, use the manufacturer`s trade names, trademarks or other protected information as part of the name of the company or the distributor`s company.

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