Google Translation License Agreement

We use the following licenses for each of the languages listed below. In addition, Google Translate is inconsistent in the example (1). It changes capital letters to tiny ones and vice versa. In Poland, it is assumed that polite phrases such as gentleman/wife are written in capital letters. However, in the example (2), the application left capital letters as in the original version of the clause, i.e. BETWEEN/POMI-DZY, AND/ORAZ, which were transformed into small letters during translation by a human translator, as is usually the case. In addition, after the date, there is the appropriate abbreviation „r” without complete non-stop. It is not known why Google Translate translates the date of April 30, 2004 into 30 kwietnia 2004 r without complete non-stop. It`s also complicated when it comes to translating the right „you” into „ty” in a contract. It should be translated as a „party” in the treaty, in Polish „Strona,” implicitly „Strona Umowy.” Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and code examples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

For more information, visit google Developers Site Policies. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its related companies. Solecki [34] also evaluated Google Translate`s work in translating various books from English to Polish and vice versa. He listed some advantages such as: (1) rapid translation of long texts, (2) the program can be used to capture the general meaning, and (3) the application is more accurate than a person when it comes to translating specific terminology. He also listed some drawbacks: (1) difficulties with complex sentences, (2) use of the most common sentence structures without regard for meaning, (3) spelling (the appearance of capital letters in the middle of the sentence). After Kubacki and Omzik [21:1], machine translation creates a machine, that is, a computer that replaces a person in the translation process. An example of such a translation machine is Google Translate. Today, more and more translators are using computerized translations made by a translator using different computer software (see [8]).

The English-language contracts contain a Nov in the title: Agreement (Pl. umowa) or Contract (Pl. umowa) and an adjective that translates the purpose of the contract into Polish (in the English publishing house is a gerundial form – the active participatory that also acts as a nostantif), for example.B. publication contract. From a grammatical point of view, Publishing Agreement is a nominus consisting of the publication of Genoese forms and a Nome agreement. Sometimes, in the title of the contract, there is a specification for the book to be published, z.B. Book Publishing Agreement or Article Publishing Agreement. As has already been said, English publication contracts are generally referred to as publication agreements in the title, but there are also those that do not have a title and it is only from the clause relating to the purpose of the contract that we learn what it is. Some English contracts are exemplary. This is a specific draft contract that already indicates in the title what it may be in the contract.

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