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Students can choose courses from different faculties at PskovSU, but the majority of them should be chosen from the faculty included in the bilateral agreement between PskovSU and the university of origin. If the student has questions about the choice of course, he can contact the academic coordinator of the PskovSU. Student exchanges are always based on agreements between institutions. If you are interested in studying as an exchange student at PskovSU, please first contact the international coordinator of your home institution to learn more about student exchanges. 1. The letters of appointment of the exchange coordinator of the university of origin (necessary for exchange students (as part of a bilateral agreement or Erasmus program), we can also accept the appointment by e-mail – in this case, please attach an e-mail print screen to the online application form; Not necessary for freemover students (paying) 3rd program: pdf, do. (Please, name „plan_surname_name”), you can find the SPbU academic offer here ifea.spbu.ru/en/academic-offer If you already have a learning agreement from your home university, you can submit it instead of the curriculum. The plan must not be signed at the time of application. Students in exchange for an Erasmus scholarship must submit an apprenticeship agreement.

The apprenticeship agreement is an individual curriculum for the exchange student and accepted by sending and receiving institutions. As an exchange student, you must complete an ECTS learning agreement when you apply. The purpose of this provisional curriculum is to inform our departments of the courses you wish to take at PskovSU. When you arrive in Pskov, you should, if necessary, update the ECTS learning agreement signed by our academic and institutional coordinators. The selection is confirmed at the beginning of the exchange. Please note that it is only after the course plans have been updated that you will be able to make a final selection for the courses and complete your final apprenticeship agreement. The first semester programmes will be published in July. The second semester programmes will be published in December. The student exchange program is available to students from SPbU partner universities who wish to spend 1 or 2 semesters in SPbU, and tuition fees are cancelled under bilateral cooperation agreements. For more information on students who are not from SPbU partner universities, visit the Freemover (Visiting) Student Programs section at the bottom of this page.

Please refer to the PDF below for detailed information on how to complete your apprenticeship contract before submitting it. If you have selected your courses, write them down on the apprenticeship agreement for the studies, have the form signed by your home university and download it in Osiris Application with the other required forms. The faculty of Radboud University will then check and sign your apprenticeship agreement. If you have any questions about your courses, please contact the Erasmus coordinator at each faculty. The applicant`s passport must be valid at least 1.5 years after the start of the scheduled exchange period! Otherwise, the applicant will not be able to obtain a Russian visa. Erasmus students should use the apprenticeship agreement to study.

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