Qatar Airways Open Skies Agreement

Since President Trump has decided which trade fight he must choose, he has sometimes made mistakes or exaggerated the dangers. But when it comes to the „open skies” agreement with Qatar, the United States has a duty to ensure that it is fully implemented. Everything else would make fun of the idea of a trade agreement that works on behalf of the American people. The U.S. agreement followed a lobbying campaign by some of the largest U.S. airlines, which prompted the U.S. government to question the behavior of major Gulf airlines under „open skies” agreements. As the violent dispute between the former US airlines and three major golf airlines continues to rage, Qatar Airways` attention has shifted to Europe. Reuters reported in early February 5, 2019 that the State of Qatar and the European Union (EU) are moving closer to concluding a comprehensive air transport agreement. The agreement was signed later in the day and was touted by the head of Qatar Airways as a „Landmark” agreement to give EU and Qatari airlines a „considerable competitive advantage.” This is not the first time Qatar Airways has been attacked for its business practices. The airline`s agreement with the United States was undermined by accusations of unfair competition, which were quickly followed by aggressive lobbying against the airline operating in the country. The „open skies” agreement between Qatar and the 28 current EU member states would be signed. These include the UNITED Kingdom as an EU member state: „The UK remains a full member of the EU for the time being and the rights and obligations remain fully valid in the UK and with regard to it.” Months before the european Commission and Qatar Airways sign the agreement, it is still early to say what the consequences will be for the European aviation community.

An increased presence of Qatar Airways will most likely have little impact on short flights within the EU, as long-haul flights from airlines such as Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa could be the most affected. The new Qatar-EU agreement provides for „unlimited and unlimited access” to the two states of the nation of the other. According to a statement from Qatar Airways, „all airlines in the 28 member states of the European Union and Qatar now have unlimited and unlimited access to their respective territories.” The European Union („EU”) and Qatar have concluded negotiations for a new bilateral air services agreement. Its completion will take a few more weeks. The historic agreement will allow all airlines on each side unrestricted access to all airports located on their territory. The deal could be good news for European passengers, especially those travelling from smaller cities, which are not normally served by Qatar Airways, while the airline has already served 55 impressive cities in Europe. Passengers can travel directly to Doha and travel to one of Qatar Airways` 160 destinations worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. International air traffic has exploded in recent years, making it increasingly important to implement dozens of agreements under the Open Skies Act.

Open skis regulate airlines that can enter the territory of another country.

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