University Of Calgary Faculty Association Collective Agreement

Claim (Article 32.2): A worker wishing to make a complaint in Stage 1 of the appeal procedure informs his appointed superior in writing, no later than thirty working days after the day: a) who has informed orally or in writing the appeal or fact that led to the complaint; or b) which he was first aware of the act or circumstances that led to the claim. Yes, yes. At the University of Calgary, students are represented by the Student Union (SU), graduates are represented by the Graduate Students Association (GSA) and faculty and university staff by the Faculty Association (TUCFA). Management and professional staff (MaPS) are currently reviewing TUCFA membership. Finally, support officers are represented by the Alberta Union for Provincial Employees (AUPE). While it was assumed that the association could only negotiate for post-docs, who are classified as employees by the university, follow-up discussions with Alberta Advanced Education made it clear that this was not the case. The academic component of the university`s budget is such that it can easily be seen as a reduction target. However, academic salaries, whether in arbitration or a free collective bargaining system, still have market factors and comparisons that, at least in part, fuel expectations. Wage increases (Article 33.4): All faculty members who were employed by OC as of March 31, 2006 receive a salary increase every April 1 until the maximum salary is reached. All other employees receive an increase on the anniversary of the ongoing start of employment at OC. Annual reports (collective agreement: section 21.1.1): for reappointed members, annual reports must be submitted to the designated superior by May 15 for the previous calendar year. A designated superior who wishes to use a faculty member`s annual report as part of a summary assessment must meet with the staff member by June 15.

The worker is entitled to union representation at such a meeting. Term staff are not required to submit an annual report. Professional development (Collective Agreement: Article 22): 2-year cycle April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2020. Apply at any time. Yes, yes. The new PDAC is a registered union with a collective agreement unit representing all post-docs working at the University of Calgary, regardless of their employment status. (b) Subsection 1 does not prevent the parties to the collective agreement from expressing their wish to refer the matter to arbitration, to select an arbitration panel, including the Chair, and to ensure a date for an arbitration hearing to be held on November 1, 2019 or after November 1, 2019 and which, if necessary, will be , within the applicable time limit set for Section 3. Finally, we have an individual responsibility to take care of ourselves and a collective responsibility to take care of each other. Please follow the health guidelines that have been set out by our experts – and together we will get by! Resignation (collective agreement note: Section 26.3.1): A permanent worker or a full-time employee may terminate in writing the OC President from any appointment with a period of at least two months.

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