Which Sentence Displays Correct Subject-Verb Agreement (1 Point)

Do you have a number or a plan in your head? It is ok. Now let`s see if your self-assessment is correct. Use your knowledge of the rules of the subject verb agreement as a measure. Are you familiar with the rules of the subject-word agreement? Here we go. Choose the right verb in the following sentences: So take out your pencil and mark the right verbs: 4. The sentences of one of those who take and one of the things that take plural verbs, as in „The drying of the comma is one of those errors that always slip before me” and „One of the things that pushes me to the nut is the verb-subject chord.” 1. If a sentence has both a positive and a negative subject, the verb corresponds to the positive theme, as in „Low prices and not quality determine many purchases” and „peace of mind is not wealth, which makes a person happy.” These words, called expletatives, move the subject so that it arrives after and not according to the verb. Compare here the boxes with the boxes are here, and there are three trends that concern me with three trends. With phrases introduced by expletives, you do not fall into the increasingly frequent and slapping habit of using singular verbs, regardless of the following. In other words, here are the boxes, not heres the boxes.

Similarly, there are three things, not three things. The correct answers are (1) done, (2) disqualified, (3) is, (4) get, (5) explain, (6) were, (7) was, (8) is, (9) is, and (10) are. First, look for the object of each sentence. Then identify the verb for each and see if it corresponds: singular with singular, plural in the plural. Try again to avoid errors in the subject verb chord, keep an eye on the price: the subject. In odd sentences, the second choice is right. In straight sentences, the first choice is right. To determine your approximate skill level, give yourself a point for each appropriate choice. Also choose based on the highest number of rates you chose correctly. Finally, if you think there are a lot of flaws in this assessment is right, give you a zero. 2.

Another thing introduced by an expression as with and in addition does not change the relationship between subject and verb. The good news about the verb-subject agreement is that there is only one basic rule: verbs must correspond to their subjects in a payable manner.

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