World Rugby Participation Agreement

22.14 In order to support the promotion of the tour and games in the host Union, the two trade unions are committed to implementing promotional activities with a media access window. This may include organized photo offers, coaching clinics, autographs, hospital visits. These activities should be consulted before the start of the tour and an agreement on logistics arrangements should be reached at least 24 hours before the corresponding promotional operation. 15.4 Access to the parking space during the introductory visit can be used for up to 1.5 hours. During this period, unions may conduct a full training run in boots, provided there are no bizarre or repetitive activities that could cause damage to the playing surface. The practice of kicking can go beyond the 1.5-hour access period, subject to prior agreement between the Visiting Union and the Host Union. All restrictions on pitch access imposed by the Host Union match manager (or a person with equivalent responsibility) apply to both unions, whether these restrictions are due to adverse ground conditions or weather conditions or other means. 18.3 In the absence of agreement on the following issues, the following default position is: 23.4 Subject to the provisions of paragraphs 23.1 and 23.2, if a match cannot be launched on the scheduled date, it is considered delayed. Decisions on the length of the delay are made as early as possible on the day of the match and in agreement between the Host Union and the Host Union. After full consultation with the Visiting Union, the Host Union has the exclusive right to determine the date of the late kick-off. 8.3 For the duration of the visit, unreserved baggage may be left, in agreement with the Host Union, in a central location to be agreed between the Host Union and the Visiting Union.

If the traveller reasonably requires it during the visit, this baggage is transported or transported from one place to another by the Host Union with the means it deems convenient and convenient, and the costs of storage and transport are paid by the Host Union. „return travel,” the journey from the point of departure to the place of arrival, and the return trip between the point of departure; and the place of arrival that must be [return”) with a derogation authorized by a route or route chosen by [Visiting] [the Union [subject to the consent] of the Union; (b) In the absence of agreement between the parties in accordance with item 11.2 (a) within a reasonable time (given the date of the tour and other relevant considerations), the question or questions (s) are referred to the World Rugby Executive Committee, which is entitled to make a decision on the dates of referees for matches that still depend on the referee`s adage to the World Rugby Elite Panel of Referees.

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