Yukon Devolution Agreement

8.35 As with many comprehensive agreements reached in the context of negotiations, the specific measures necessary to achieve certain objectives are less clear. In these cases, progress in delivering commitments and activities to achieve results requires the availability of the parties. If this is not enough, processes are needed to ensure that the objectives are met. 8.48 Annual land claims reports are not helpful in holding the federal government to account. The implementation committee for each planning agreement must prepare annual reports and submit them to the signatories. We expected that annual reports such as these would contain information useful to stakeholders in holding those responsible for achieving the objectives of the applications to account. You should be able to tell the reader what works and what doesn`t. However, the agreements provide no guidance on the content of these reports, with the exception of the requirement in the Nunavut agreement that the report contains „all the concerns of one panel member.” (u) intergovernmental agreements by the Commissioner or another Yukon government official; 8.29 We examined the extent to which India and Northern Canada had an agreement to manage its jurisdiction to implement the federal claim agreements with the Inuit of Nunavut and the Gwich in the NWT. We also looked at how the department is responsible for these northern responsibilities. We have begun to look at management processes as defined in land agreements. We then reviewed INAC`s processes to manage its agreement responsibilities.

We looked at both because the two processes need to work together to achieve a common goal. 8.45 We examined four discrepancies – two of each of the land agreements – between the federal government and the Aborigines (see unresolved differences: four case studies). Three of the four differences relate to issues raised by differences of opinion as to the interpretation of a commitment to the objectives of the right to the ground. The fourth issue – funding for the Gwich`in Tribal Council – relates to the nature of the Canadian government`s financial commitment to the Commission in this application. We chose these four because the issues and the way in which differences of opinion are managed are important to promote the self-sufficiency of the Gwich`ins and Inuit and to strengthen their capacity for full participation in all aspects of the economy. These clauses, in particular clauses 45 and 48, are the key to the decentralisation initiative. 8.1 The signing of a land agreement is an important achievement. The administration thereafter is an ongoing challenge that requires the cooperation of all parties to the agreement. This cooperation must begin with the fact that Inac (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada) plays a leadership role in the work of claims. It must also manage the federal jurisdictions defined in the agreements in order to achieve results.

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