China Britain Hong Kong Agreement

The agreement signed in 1984 was to last until 2047. The signing of the joint declaration caused some controversy in the United Kingdom, as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher accepted the Chinese Communist government, represented by Deng Xiaoping. [9] In the White Paper containing the Joint Statement, Her Majesty`s Government stated that „the alternative to the adoption of this agreement is not to reach an agreement”, a statement that refuted criticism that the Declaration had made too many concessions to China and highlighted China`s considerable influence during the negotiations. [9] But the UK says the agreement – known as a joint declaration – is under threat because the region has passed a new law that gives China new extensive controls over the population of Hong Kong. Hong Kong`s autonomy was guaranteed by the „one country, two systems” agreement, enshrined in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration signed by then-Chinese Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In international diplomacy, Hong Kong has no other identity of mainland China. For example, Hong Kong does not have independent representation on the UN Security Council, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Group of 77 at the United Nations or the Group of 22 (G22). However, Hong Kong can participate in events organized by international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organization and the United Nations World Tourism Organization, but as an associate member and non-member. It may also participate in trade events and agreements under the name „Hong Kong, China.” Pm denounces a new security law and promises tailored visas for 2.9 million Hong Kongers The relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China is much more complex than most people recognize. It is about politics, economics, trade, laws and, above all, people.

The So-called „Hong Kongers,” who have sanitized for years under the influence and ways of the former British leader, are cautious with China`s intentions and are outraged at the continent`s interference in its political affairs.

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