Salem Nh Collective Bargaining Agreement

14.1.4. Deadlines: all deadlines may be extended by mutual agreement between the victim and the employer. 3.7.4. Time spent during negotiations in accordance with Articles 3.7.1., 3.7.2 and 3.7.3. working time. The NCTQ Teacher Contract Database contains political information on 145 school districts across the country. We analyze collective agreements, assessment manuals, salary plans and other documents to distill district policy on key issues such as salary, evaluation and teachers` workday. Click below on the „Start Search” button to learn more about a particular district or compare policies in multiple districts. to gain more on how contractual agreements differ across categories. 10.11.

Leave recall: Once a worker`s annual leave has been authorized, his or her leave is not terminated or amended for any reason, unless mutually agreed, or in an emergency within the meaning of Section 2.2. 3.6.1. The deadlines set by the employer and the association are extended by mutual agreement. The association reimburses the employer for the salary and benefits incurred for each applicable member. This agreement is between the State Employees` Association of New Hampshire (SEIU Local 1984), referred to as the „Association,” and the State of New Hampshire, the following term „employer,” known as „parties.” The intent and objective of the parties to this agreement is to promote and improve the effective management of the State of New Hampshire and the well-being of ranked employees, in accordance with the revised New Hampshire Statutes, 273-A. Create a fundamental understanding of personnel policy, practices and procedures and matters relating to terms and conditions of employment, for which the employer is entitled to negotiate , and provide a way to discuss amicably and adapt issues of common interest. Given the reciprocal alliances outlined in it, the contracting parties who wish to be bound by this are agreed: 14.5.4. Referees: The parties agree on the person appointed by the arbitrator from a list of arbitrators provided by the Public Employees Labor Relations Board. The parties agree, within 14 days of receipt of the arbitration application by the Laboratory Management Committee. If no agreement is reached within 14 days, any party may request the appointment of an arbitrator from the Public Employees Labor Relations Board.

Within 30 days of the selection or appointment of the arbitrator, the parties agree to ask the arbitrator for a hearing date acceptable to both parties.

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