Servicenow Data Protection Agreement

Please contact if you have any further questions regarding ServiceNow`s DPA and DSG. Thank you very much for reviewing ServiceNow`s Data Security Guide („DSG”) schedule and DSG. Below is information about ServiceNow`s data protection and security programs, which are used to protect the personal data you transmit to ServiceNow Cloud services. 3. Information we collect when you browse the site. While you`re browsing the site, we can also automatically collect details on your visit site, including your IP address, usage pattern, traffic data, location data, protocols and other communication information, as well as the resources you access, as well as information about your computer and Internet connection, including your operating system and browser type. We also collect some of this information using cookies and similar tracking technologies. You will find detailed information in our cookie policy. As a provider of a standardized cloud-based service, ServiceNow has a data-independent security program. In other words, we implement the same security measures regardless of the category or sensitivity of the data processed by customers in theirNow service environment. Since you have an exclusive overview of the content of your data, it is ultimately your responsibility to check our security program to determine if it is sufficient for the data you process or wish to process in your environment, in accordance with Section 2.2 (Security Risk Assessment) of the Data Protection Authority. ServiceNow Cloud software offers features that make it easier to access, correct, correct, delete and block personal data and allow the customer to transfer or transport personal data.

Contact Information To ask questions about this privacy statement and our privacy practices, or if you need to update, modify or delete your data or exercise other rights, contact us at: In the event of a security incident affecting customer data, ServiceNow provides an initial report to the customer contact listed on the customer service portal. The customer is responsible for mentioning the person concerned on the support portal. Because compliance is a shared responsibility, we strive to help you meet the RGPD. Requirements such as increased data access and erasure rules, design protection and notification procedures for privacy breaches may involve changes for your business. It is therefore important to understand your obligations with the RGPD, regardless of where your organization is located. 2. How does ServiceNow help customers respect the data protection rights of those affected? We recently updated our data processing addendum (DPA) in accordance with the RGPD requirements. Our RESULTS ALSO gives our customers contractual assurances that personal data can be legally transferred from the European Economic Area to ServiceNow services.

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